Why Support is Valuable-My First Blog

 Friendship Quotes (6)From the time that a person gets told what feels like a death sentence that you have diabetes, there are certain essentials that one must need.  Yes, there is the medication wither it be insulin or pills, and then there is also all the other things that go along with being diabetic, like glucometers and test strips, lancets and batteries. Some may have pumps and Continuous Gloucous Monitors, so as if life isn’t tough enough, add to it the factor of having to carry around all this extra stuff when going to work, school, friend’s house, or just a night out on the town and because you have to carry all these extra essentials your are bound to get asked what seems to be like 101 questions.  Not to mention, stared at and teased.  The toughest thing is that even though we all know that diabetes can run in the family genes, that may have it where not even their own family members understand what they go through.  I know I have this in my own family.

I discovered this all through my own experiences that supplies and medication where not the only things needed to live a successful life with diabetes.  I was diagnosed at age 12 with type one diabetes and my treatment team started me on MDI (Multiple Daily Injections) and oral medications.  At age 16, I then went on to an insulin pump, and this whole time the only one that I had any bit of support from was my clinical team.  When you think of what a person with diabetes needs, it is more then just pharmacological intervention.  It is the kind, caring, compassionate and understanding words of advise and hugs of support from others who have basically been there and done that or are going through some of the same things that you are going through.  While you can say this is a huge help for folks with diabetes it is also a huge help for folks with other medical conditions that are either brought on from the living life with this crazy and sometimes complicating issue.  This can also be helpful for others living with other diagnosis, that is why I am so happy that I started this blog.  Because I not only wanted to help folks who are going through some of the same issues that I am going through, but let it be away for it to help me through the issue that I continue to go through…. That’s why I started blogging-for support- to give help and get help and that is why I am glad you read my blog- to be a help to me and others.  I look forward to continue sharing my thoughts, prayers, wishes, hopes and dreams with you and hope that by doing so they make your day that bit brighter.  So stay tuned!!



About Cathie

I live in Buffalo, New York. We are located about 15 minutes away from the Peace Bridge. Some day I am hoping to become an advocate for the disabled but until that happens I am just doing little things. I graduated in 2010 from Erie Community College with my degree in Paralegal Studies, and in my spare time like to knit, take pictures, and minster the word of God through music at the church I go to, St. Joseph University Parish located in the University neighborhood of one of the college communities. I recently met some folks that has inspired me to become a blogger as a formation of my treatment for my depression and diabetes. I have had Type 1 diabetes since I was 12 and depression since I was 16. This blog was created to help you- my fellow cyber friend as a primary way to help you feel that you are not alone. Please remember that none of what I write is recommend for use in your own treatment as I am not a medical professional, nor do I ever want to be one. It is just what works for me and what my outlook on certain perspectives are. The professionals I work with tell me by blogging, I am putting another tool in the assistance toolbox for the coping skills of life. Thank you for coming and visiting my blog's. I can be reached by email (cathiekw88@gmail.com) if you have any thoughts or suggestions that you would like to share.
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1 Response to Why Support is Valuable-My First Blog

  1. Amanda says:

    Nice blog Cathie!


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