Valentine’s Day- it is not just for lovers

    Why is it that when we think of Valentine’s day we only think of lovers?  Well, it is simple, there is so much emphasis placed on making sure you do something for your significant other.  Valentine’s Day is one of our most popular holidays, inspiring a flurry of card and gift giving to those we love, and at last check there is no right or wrong on who we can love.  It is a day where we recall how many people we have been blessed with and are loved, what they have did for us and how much we love ourselves.

    There is a long time saying that states that in order to love another we must first love ourselves so if we don’t spoil ourselves first we can’t go out and spoil and care the ones we love.


Who states who we can love?  Well, unfortunately society.  There are no standards or right and wrong on the people we love, however we identified most of them to be our friends, parents, siblings, and many others who may care for the well- being of another or posses a passion for which one stands for.

According to an article published by in 2011,  Walmart will stock their shelves with enough kisses to circle the world and enough roses to give every couple that gets married in February with 2 dozen roses each.  It is no wonder why one person would get depressed about being alone because one person that is alone may not receive such nice gifts or the love.  I guess that means that this is a holiday for love birds.

 Not exactly, Valentine’s Day is for everyone, especially for the ones residing in us.  So this Valentine’s Day trying following these few simple tips of advice that I found from Catherine Pulsifer, one of the editors of Words of Wisdom 4 U.

1. Look around you and appreciate those who care about you, be thankful they are in your life.

2. Rather than expect a card, send a card to someone special in your life (your mom, a relative, a friend) and thank them for being them.

3. Treat yourself on Valentines Day? if you don’t love yourself then you will never be able to love others in a meaningful way.

4. Call your mom or your dad, or that someone who made a difference in your life and thank them for caring about you.

5. Enjoy your day, remember, that you are exchanging a day of your life.

6. Take 5 minutes and sit quietly and reflect on all the blessings in your life. Remember there are always those who are in a worse situation than you.

7. Do something nice for someone today. . . it may be as simple as smiling at someone in an elevator to buying someone a coffee.

8. Call that friend or relative that you have not talked with in awhile.

9. Cook or buy your favorite meal for dinner.

10. Last but not least, don’t feel sorry for yourself; be thankful for all the good in your life!


About Cathie

I live in Buffalo, New York. We are located about 15 minutes away from the Peace Bridge. Some day I am hoping to become an advocate for the disabled but until that happens I am just doing little things. I graduated in 2010 from Erie Community College with my degree in Paralegal Studies, and in my spare time like to knit, take pictures, and minster the word of God through music at the church I go to, St. Joseph University Parish located in the University neighborhood of one of the college communities. I recently met some folks that has inspired me to become a blogger as a formation of my treatment for my depression and diabetes. I have had Type 1 diabetes since I was 12 and depression since I was 16. This blog was created to help you- my fellow cyber friend as a primary way to help you feel that you are not alone. Please remember that none of what I write is recommend for use in your own treatment as I am not a medical professional, nor do I ever want to be one. It is just what works for me and what my outlook on certain perspectives are. The professionals I work with tell me by blogging, I am putting another tool in the assistance toolbox for the coping skills of life. Thank you for coming and visiting my blog's. I can be reached by email ( if you have any thoughts or suggestions that you would like to share.
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1 Response to Valentine’s Day- it is not just for lovers

  1. Kathy Harrigan says:

    Great words Cathie.


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