Cleaning it out #DBlog Week Day2

          On the outside, I may look like a happy go lucky 27 year old diabetic women (wow-reality is setting in that I am no longer a kid anymore), however my inside is much different.  I don’t think there is a such thing as a perfect diabetic. If there is one, let me know whom it is.  For all of us have had our fair share of moments.   i have 2 things that I need to clean out of my diabetes closet.  The first one is, I have hid on countless of times, the real truth of why certain things with my diabetes is happening.  For example, when I would be going through long patches of high moments, I would say to the doctor, “I don’t know why.”  When in reality, I did because I would take off my pump or stop taking injections and testing because I couldn’t cope anymore.

         The other thing that I need to clean out is that I am sick and tired of hiding and stuffing all my emotions inside of me.  Pretending all is fine when it is not for the sake of others.  Well, I am not doing it anymore! I can’t do it anymore.  I used to stuff them more then what I did, but a wise physiologist who works with tons of diabetic patients said, “Don’t stuff them, and stop worrying that you are going to overwhelm people to much.  That is why there is the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) reach out to them, because that is one of the many reasons why they are around.  If you are going through a rough patch there are probley at least 5 more going through something simular.”  Learn your boundaries, and others too and trust me when I say things will get better if you do this.”

          So I took the advice, and went with it.  Since I started to reach out instead of pushing in, things overall have became easier, and because I did I have seen my own positive progress happen.  At last check, I believe a 3% HA1C decrease (yes- 3% not .3) and 5 pound weight lost is a start.  Positive interactions and feedback are hugely important to me in helping me become the person I am today.   As I  am sure, you have heard the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  I say this to you my fellow dia-friend, “Buckle your seatbelt, because when we all received our diagnosis we became apart of a long ride that come apart of life living with diabetes.  That includes many hills, valleys, and potholes.”  Many things on which can be both positive and negative, but it can only be negative if we let it be.   Nothing will ever be perfect, but easier.


Writer’s Note:  Thank You for taking the time to read my blogs, I have been working on become more consistent with blogging.  Please be patient as this happens and I learn the tricks of the trade.  This is my first blog in a long time, and was super nervous about it.  I hope it is the beginning of something new for me as a writer, and you as a following reader.  I am still a beginner at the whole blogging world, I just want to make sure it is done right when I publish.  So, if you have any question’s at anytime, want to give me feedback to help make things better please don’t hesitate to contact me!  Thank you! – Cath 🙂


About Cathie

I live in Buffalo, New York. We are located about 15 minutes away from the Peace Bridge. Some day I am hoping to become an advocate for the disabled but until that happens I am just doing little things. I graduated in 2010 from Erie Community College with my degree in Paralegal Studies, and in my spare time like to knit, take pictures, and minster the word of God through music at the church I go to, St. Joseph University Parish located in the University neighborhood of one of the college communities. I recently met some folks that has inspired me to become a blogger as a formation of my treatment for my depression and diabetes. I have had Type 1 diabetes since I was 12 and depression since I was 16. This blog was created to help you- my fellow cyber friend as a primary way to help you feel that you are not alone. Please remember that none of what I write is recommend for use in your own treatment as I am not a medical professional, nor do I ever want to be one. It is just what works for me and what my outlook on certain perspectives are. The professionals I work with tell me by blogging, I am putting another tool in the assistance toolbox for the coping skills of life. Thank you for coming and visiting my blog's. I can be reached by email ( if you have any thoughts or suggestions that you would like to share.
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2 Responses to Cleaning it out #DBlog Week Day2

  1. Kelley says:

    Great post! I’ve found my blog to be very therapeutic so hopefully you will find yours the same so you can let out your emotions and gain support! Hugs to you!


    • Cathie:) says:

      Thanks Kelley for your comments. I let blogging go for so long, I hope others wouldn’t be mad that I stopped for so long that I just found your comment now (so sorry) I have to remember to just keep up with it. Sometimes life gets the best of me (I think all of us have experinced something like this. New year, new slate.


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