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I live in Buffalo, New York. We are located about 15 minutes away from the Peace Bridge. Some day I am hoping to become an advocate for the disabled but until that happens I am just doing little things. I graduated in 2010 from Erie Community College with my degree in Paralegal Studies, and in my spare time like to knit, take pictures, and minster the word of God through music at the church I go to, St. Joseph University Parish located in the University neighborhood of one of the college communities. I recently met some folks that has inspired me to become a blogger as a formation of my treatment for my depression and diabetes. I have had Type 1 diabetes since I was 12 and depression since I was 16. This blog was created to help you- my fellow cyber friend as a primary way to help you feel that you are not alone. Please remember that none of what I write is recommend for use in your own treatment as I am not a medical professional, nor do I ever want to be one. It is just what works for me and what my outlook on certain perspectives are. The professionals I work with tell me by blogging, I am putting another tool in the assistance toolbox for the coping skills of life. Thank you for coming and visiting my blog's. I can be reached by email ( if you have any thoughts or suggestions that you would like to share.

Top 10 intresting things people never knew about me

Hello my fellow Sisters, Happy New Year!  A new year brings new things.  It most organizations it could be new leadership (that already happened for DiabetesSisters) or new political office holders.  Another new thing it brings is new bloggers here at … Continue reading

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The Club no one really wants to be in- however

Tom Karlya (who blogs at @diabetesdad) sums it up better then I can…. I look forward to sharing with you much more on what CWD FFL (Children with Diabetes Friends for Life) conference as did for me in my life, … Continue reading

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Food Fridays #DBlogweekDay3

Food can be a friend and can be a foe.  Food does a lot of good for every living organism on earth.  It gives us the energy to get through the day.  As with everything we have to watch ourselves, … Continue reading

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Cleaning it out #DBlog Week Day2

          On the outside, I may look like a happy go lucky 27 year old diabetic women (wow-reality is setting in that I am no longer a kid anymore), however my inside is much different.  I … Continue reading

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Friends for Life 2014- You are Never Alone

I have finally have had the chance after being home a few weeks and after traveling 1,200 miles, 3 flights, 2 bed & Breakfast, one huge hotel and 10 Days being away from Buffalo to sit and write to you … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day- it is not just for lovers

    Why is it that when we think of Valentine’s day we only think of lovers?  Well, it is simple, there is so much emphasis placed on making sure you do something for your significant other.  Valentine’s Day is one … Continue reading

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Turning thoughts into Action

       Finally, after constantly thinking that I need to get a blog done, I am able to do it.  I know that it has been such a long time since I have wrote.  Time just slips away.  Holidays and gatherings … Continue reading

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Being the Madador and Realizing Your Not Alone

You go most of your life without a single person to call a friend. The person that you call friend, is also playing a double role and is your parent. It maybe your mother or your father (for me it … Continue reading

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someone like you

Originally posted on Unexpected Blues:
the friends for life conference brought this video into existence. take a look. after i find time to decompress from the whole event, i will post more. but for now, this will suffice. no?

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Why Support is Valuable-My First Blog

 From the time that a person gets told what feels like a death sentence that you have diabetes, there are certain essentials that one must need.  Yes, there is the medication wither it be insulin or pills, and then there … Continue reading

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